Monday, June 9, 2008

eddie izzard, new items, and the day i was bombarded with sales

i've just added this cutie to my shop! this is the first piece of my new collection of aanraku bail pendant necklaces, which i am calling washi-scape pendants. the piece above, 'sugar blossom', is a "portrait scape" pendant necklace (being more tall than it is wide), and i have also made another style, which are "horizon scape" pendant necklaces (which are wide).

these little ones are about the size of a scrabble tile, at 1" x 3/4", but in no way am i going the scrabble tile route! that market is way oversaturated, and i always try to find ways to do something different. brandon cut each piece of wood for me, and i filed them all down, one at a time, to make them perfect. also, this is the line i was refering to when i was talking about my epoxy problems. i think i've got it all under control now :p.

i really like the aanraku bail style. at first i was hesitant, but they do look really nice, and i was able to inflict my own style on these so they stand out from all those scrabble tile pendants on etsy. it's my hope that these are a big hit :).

and oh! my sale is going really well so far, too! i've sold 10 tile pendant necklaces so far this month, which is great! i've gotta make room for all the new stuff i'm planning, in addition to my washi-scape line ;). if you have your eye on one of those tile pendants, grab it while you can! and if you see one in my "sold" section that you want, let me know and i'll make one specially for you and it will still be just $4 throughout this month :).

i also listed this pretty piece:

this is 'peace crane', part of another, small line i am doing call "deluxe pendant necklaces". let me tell you, you wouldn't think so maybe, but a lot of work went into this little guy! i am very proud of it :). it's got a glossy sealer on top, giving it a very shiny look that is different from the other items i sell. also, the washi paper (such a cute crane!) is mounted on a stainless steel pendant plate, making it heavier than my other necklaces. it comes on a pretty white organza ribbon and it neatly tucked inside a matching pendant box, all for $17 :).

okay, now i've got to tell you about my saturday! saturday was eddie izzard day, and he was amazingly hysterical as always :). like i said in a previous blog, no cameras were allowed, but i took a picture of the shirt i bought and my ticket stubs for you to see:

the only disappointing aspect of the show was that he didn't dress up in his normal garb (he jokingly refered to himself as "an off-duty transvestite", haha). but his act was very funny :).

eddie wasn't the only good thing to happen on saturday, however. by the time i got home, i had accumulated 3 orders from my shop! woohoo! i sold 9 things in all, just on saturday! this means that i am only 10 sales away from my goal for the month. i think i can make it ;).

well i suppose now i'd better get off the computer and play around with some washi paper. cheers!


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