Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i hate epoxy

all you crafty etsy friends of mine, how in the world do you use 2-part epoxy without making a huge mess?

here's what i did today:

note that some of these are very... gluey. take this one for example:

it got this way because i wear gloves when i work with epoxy (i thought i was being smart!), and when i press the bail down after applying the epoxy, the goop gets on my gloves, which gets all over everything else, as you can see. what do my fellow etsians do to prevent this? and furthermore, how do you keep the goopidge under control when squirting it out? if i use a little, it looks good but doesn't stick, and when i use this amount, it sticks but looks like crap. or am i the only one who cares what the back of a pendant looks like?

as if my epoxy woes weren't enough, i'm also having magnet problems. it turns out that sometimes i use too little glue when attaching the magnet to my wood pieces for my magnet sets, so the magnet pops off when attached to the fridge or wherever. i feel really bad about this, as i have sold a few of these sets. i hope if my customers have a problem, they'll let me know so i can fix the situation. but also, i've given sets as gifts! ugh. i gave a set to my mom for mother's day, and she was the one who told me that one of her magnets popped off. i feel really bad :(. i guess i will try using epoxy to attach them in the future, and i'm also going to try using smaller magnets. until then, i've removed all circle magnet sets from my shop. the star magnet set is fine, so that's good, at least.

hmph. what a day!

but i did manage to get this pretty little thing listed:

'kyoto'. see, i was able to make a few bails attach with epoxy with no problems (ahem, last week).

maybe today just isn't my day?

by the way, i only have 4 more tile pendant necklaces left in stock! if you love 'ginkgo in green', 'ginkgo in chai', 'chiyo', or 'scribble scrabble', grab 'em while you can!

alright, time for me to remake a gift set i sold today (to a fellow austinite! how cool!).



LeaKarts said...

Sorry I have been so quiet lately, but I wanted to let you know I'm reading! :) Your new pendants are gorgeous--I hope you get the epoxy problem all worked out. I haven't ever worked with it--too toxic for me. E6000 is as toxic as I'll go.

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

aww it's okay lea - i know you've been preoccupied :). e6000 and epoxy seem the same in toxicity to me, so i just wear a mask and gloves and work in a well-ventilated area and i'm good to go. the only problem i'm having is the mess :p.

thank you for the sweet words about my new line! you are such a doll :).