Wednesday, June 11, 2008


this is my tattoo. well, this is the tattoo i want; i just painted this on myself with tempura paint :p. and actually, brandon doesn't like tattooing on hands, so it's going to be on my right shoulderblade instead of my thumb :pp.

i've wanted 'ohm' tattooed on me for a really long time now, so i think that after the wedding, i should go ahead with it.

brandon and i had a very eventful day today! he took the day off as a vacation day so we could get a bunch of wedding stuff done, and i'm happy to say that we survived, got everything wedding-related accomplished, and he didn't die of boredom (always a plus!).

first, we woke up early and drove towards austin. we ate breakfast at 'chick-fil-a' (mmm...), then headed for 'unbridaled', the dress place. i just placed my wedding dress order 2 weeks ago, but nicole miller had it in stock in my size (for a trunk show, i think), so it got shipped the next day after i put down my deposit. 2 weeks and $1732 later (ugh... but it's worth it! i swear!), i now have my dress hanging up in a nicole miller garment bag in my closet ♥. i will try very hard to resist putting it on and walking around the house in it for fun :p. no promises, though.

so anyway, next we went to the social security administration office to get brandon a replacement card (his has been lost since... he can't remember when. his mom lost it when he was a teenager or something). we waited for -maybe- 30 minutes, and got everything taken care of. easy!

after that, we attempted to run some other little errands (to no avail, but that's okay), and since we were near my parents' house, we stopped by to show my mom the dress (i think she wanted to cry, and she was grateful we thought to come see her).

it was then lunchtime, so we ate at 'outback steakhouse' really quick before going to our appointment of the day: cake tasting!

i found this picture in some magazine. it looks sooooo good, and it's our colours! the only thing we're changing is the shape; it's going to be a square cake instead of a round one, and it will have 3 tiers. the cake is going to be red velvet (::drools::) with cream cheese filling alternated with raspberry puree filling, and the icing is chocolate buttercream. are you drooling yet? :p. the samples the ladies that own the patisserie brought for us were absolutely delicious, and we're going for a second tasting in a week and a half, at which point we'll place our order. yay! i think everyone we work with is astounded by my preparation and i-know-exactly-what-i-want attitude. i guess most brides are kinda floopy about things and don't really know what it is they want, but i sure do. all that time recovering from surgeries last year was spent wedding planning, and it has really paid off! i'm not stressed or pressed for time at all :).

i've also been busy making new things for my shop. i've been really focusing on my washi-scape line (i need to beef it up in my shop... those few pendants in that category are looking lonely!). i have over a dozen new pendant necklaces to list, plus a new star magnet set, many pendant boxes, and a brand new gift set. exciting times in 'washi by maoiliosa' land! i'm also just 1 sale away from meeting my monthly goal (!) of 25 items sold this month, which is just incredible! my little shop is really taking off :).

here's a new piece, 'blushing':

whew. what a day! i'm gonna go curl up in bed with a good book :).