Sunday, July 13, 2008

6 month etsyversary!

it's already been 6 months since i started selling on etsy! i can't believe it :).

i've got my "buy 2 get 1 free - any pendant necklace" sale going on right now in celebration!

also, i decided it was high time i created a wholesale catalogue to hand out to people who are interested, and here's how they turned out:

the front of my catalogue (don't mind the blue hue - it's just my camera being crazy). i bought thicker paper so the text on the other side of the paper wouldn't show through, but i guess i need even thicker paper :p. oh well, not bad for a first try!

a sample shot from inside my catalogue. it was such a pain (i hate microsoft word!), but it was worth it :).

the back of my catalogue. the little grey box in the corner is where postage goes, and the bigger grey box is for an address label. so if i need to mail a catalogue to someone, all i need to do is seal it shut on the side and mail it! i blurred my address in this picture because, well, you never know what weirdos are on the internet ;p.

although they were a pain to make, i really had fun putting the catalogues together. they are getting put to the test tomorrow when i meet with a woman who's interested in stocking her boutique with my items here in the small town i live in. i'm excited!

this is just an example of what i've been up to while etsy is sloooooow. i've been working on wedding planning a lot, also. brandon and i took an engagement photo, and i'm in the process of printing out a ton of those to disperse at the wedding. i also took care of ordering the individual bottles of martinelli's sparkling apple cider that we are going to toast with, and i even managed to find a promotional code to save 10% on those!

i hope everyone's hanging in there and being productive this slow july!



LeaKarts said...

You are so smart--that catalogue looks great! I hope it gets you lots of good biz.

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

awww thank you!