Wednesday, July 16, 2008

lea is awesome!

a few weeks ago, brandon bought me this ring from esdesigns on etsy. i fell in love with this ring a long time ago, and i was thrilled to be able to call it mine!:

in return, i wanted to do something sweet for my thoughtful honey-pie. so i asked my good friend lea if she would be so kind as to accept my money in exchange for one of her amazing portraits. she was just as excited as i was, and once i sent her the picture i wanted done, she had completed the portrait in no time!

it turned out fabulous; blue is brandon's favourite colour, and he loved it! lea is amazing; i gave her a black and white printout (one of those you get from a photobooth at an arcade, in my case, dave & buster's), and she was able to perfectly capture the essence of the picture in her own unique style. and i LOVE how she did my hair! :D

so as you can see, the portrait is now proudly hanging above our gigantic collection of dvds (lea's idea to make the portrait inside a "widescreen" background was my reason for wanting it near the movies, heehee) and below the shelf that will house our wedding album, momentos, etc. in a few months. it is a lovely addition to our home, and an awesome work of art that we will forever cherish :).

thank you so much, lea!

and to all the rest of you, lea sums up her portrait listing best when she says, "Maybe you appreciate the traditional portrait, but it simply isn't for you. You don't want classic, you want awesome! This makes a great gift for a wedding or anniversary, or any other occasion," she ain't lying! so if you want a portrait of you and your honey, your pet, or just you (you narcissist, you! :p), hire lea and her mad skillz for the task!

(i can't wait to marry this man!)



Anonymous said...

aww thats really sweet to feature your other half in a blog post! i should probably do that...hmmmm lol. but your comment on drinking more green tea instead of soda-- i am actually trying to substitue coffee for green tea. so far so good-- the perfect pick-me-up without the jitters! :)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

green tea is so good! keep going with it :).

LeaKarts said...

*blush!* Aw! Thank you Melissa! I'm so glad you both like it :)

Tizzalicious said...

Cute picture!

I just realised something went wrong with your blog in my feed-reader, so I never noticed all your updates :( That's why I never commented! Sorry :(

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

that's okay, tizz! that sort of thing happens with me sometimes, too. it's frustrating!