Tuesday, August 5, 2008

busy bee me

yes, i'm busy with another wholesale reorder from my first wholesale account :). along with the usual reorder, this order includes 20 pairs of 'yoko', a new addition to my client's store! i still feel super honoured to be selling to such a popular venue.

also, my sales have magically picked up in my own store! looks like my dry spell is quite possibly over :). yay, i can pay bills again, haha!

and how do you like my new store banner ^ and avatar > ? if you're in the market for a really cool banner/avatar set for your etsy store, i strongly suggest henryrabbit . amanda is awesome!

oh, and here's one of those martinelli's sparkling apple cider bottles we bought for the wedding:

so cute! it's got little red sakura blossoms on the sides of the label, too! these little bottles are the perfect size for each person to toast with at the reception. i'm so excited; i'm getting married in just 2 months! :D

well, time to prepare some bagel sandwiches for brandon and myself :).



Tizzalicious said...

That's so great about the whole sale order! :)

I love the new banner!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

yay, thanks tizz!