Friday, August 1, 2008

july summary, august goals

i'm sorry i've been away for so long! here, have a cat to make it up to you:

okay, so here were my goals for july:
  • sell 45 things in my shop
  • complete all these wholesale orders and delve into the new ones
  • reach 430 hearts
  • introduce my new washi fortune cookie line
  • start preparing my inventory for christmas
  • attend my bachelorette party
  • take care of the rest of the wedding stuff
  • plan brandon's birthday
  • do all that biology and french stuff

... uh ...

i totally didn't meet any of my goals. it's rather depressing, really:

  • i did not sell 45 things. i didn't even sell 4.5 things. i sold 4 things. that does not feel awesome!
  • i completed the wholesale orders from last month, but all my opportunities for new wholesale accounts fell through because the people who wanted to buy from me went out of business. boo.
  • i did not reach 430 hearts. i reached 400 hearts.
  • i was so unmotivated due to the above failures that i didn't even put anything new into my shop last month, including the washi fortune cookies i had planned.
  • i did start preparing my inventory for christmas, but i didn't get as far as i planned.
  • my bachelorette party was fun! it was just 4 of us girls, but i had a good time. nothing crazy happened; it was just nice to hang out with a few of my closest friends.
  • the only wedding thing i took care of last month was that i ordered individual mini-bottles of martinelli's sparkling apple cider for the toasts. they came out looking really cute with their cherry blossom labels! i'll show you some pictures in a later post. i guess i really need to get my butt in gear this month with the wedding planning, huh?
  • brandon's birthday is pretty much planned. i got him an awesome present! more on that after he opens it :).
  • ... i didn't do any of my french or biology stuff. i did manage to find my biology textbook and put it on my desk, but that's as far as i got with that! today, i'm going up to my school to talk to my new advisor about this whole french mess. i'm actually not supposed to have to take a foreign language since texas has exemptions based on how much you took in high school (i got 5 years of high school credit in french, including 1 advanced placement class and the a.p. test). so today i'm ready to fight, because my degree audit says i need 16 hours of french, but they have my high school transcript, so they should know i don't need foreign language. ugh.

so basically last month wasn't very good, you all. i am, of course, grateful for the 4 sales i did make, and my first wholesale buyer placed another reorder with me, including a new piece (yay!).

i'll keep my august goals modest:

  • sell 20 things, bringing my total to 126.
  • make it to 450 hearts.
  • finish preparing inventory for christmas
  • a whole bunch of wedding planning
  • get serious about college. i can't keep putting this stuff off!
  • list at least one new thing in my shop each week.
  • clear out the clearance section of my shop (just added!). almost everything in there is $4-5, so check it out!

congratulations to everyone who sold well in july; i'm not really sure why my sales were so low, but my competitors stayed steady :/.

to a better august!



Tizzalicious said...

Aww, I hope August will be better!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

me too, tizz! i read your blog on this topic, too, and i wish the same for you! :)

LeaKarts said...

As you know, August is going to kick butt! Let it be known :)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

bring it on, august! lea and i are ready for you! ;D