Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i don't do scrabble pendants

the one exception:

this beauty! her name is 'lotus', and i will be adding her to my shop later today. i got my hands on some of those gorgeous burgundy scrabble tiles a while back, and instantly knew this paper would look stunning on it. the other special thing about this little pretty is that she doesn't come on a ribbon necklace like the other pendants in my shop: this piece is strung on one of my elegant silver-plated chains (otherwise available as an upgrade in my shop). i love this necklace so much that i greedily made one for myself :p.

so if you love this piece as much as i do, you can buy one for yourself :).

and don't forget my 15% off sale that runs till the end of the month! it applies to anything in my shop, including clearance items!

that's all for now! i'll leave you with a picture of the amazing sunset we had a few evenings ago: