Friday, August 29, 2008

i love pretty packaging!

yes, i love pretty packaging, so it just comes naturally that i would want to make each package that i mail out to one of my customers as presentable and fun to open as possible. after all, that's how i want things that i buy to arrive to me!

here's my latest finished order, 100 custom washi fortune cookies for a very nice customer's upcoming wedding:

i hope she loves them! they look just like the ones i made for my wedding: boxes stuffed with these pretty little paper cookies!

it really makes me start thinking about my wedding. it's only about 40 days away, and i'm starting to get butterflies! i still need to get my dress altered, sign the contract for our photographer (this just came about yesterday! an old high school friend of mine, mel ferro cole of i heart photography, just found me on facebook, and we didn't have a professional photographer yet, so we thought, what perfect timing!), get our rings polished (and my band, from my mom's set from her marriage to my biological father who died when i was 6 months old, resized), get our marriage license, sign the contract with the catering, and a few small details. not much left, really!

i have a busy fall ahead of me, that's for sure. i'm tackling 5 distance learning college classes over the course of this semester, plus testing out of 16 credit hours of french, plus the wedding, christmas, the busy holiday season that's about to take hold in my shop, and more! phew! wish me luck, is all i can say ;).



Lara said...

Ohhhhhhhh...purdy! I like what you create! I peeked at your etsy store and you have some beautiful earrings...I likie :D

maoiliosa said...

why thank you! :D

Mrs. Taft said...

You are, indeed, going to be busy!!! Good luck, girl! :D And I love your packaging, it's great!

maoiliosa said...

awww, thank you, melissa!

jason dikes said...

those are pretty packages. I don't think you have enough to do though and you left something off your list: Choke--Sept 26

maoiliosa said...

oh sweet! i actually totally forgot about that!