Tuesday, September 16, 2008

famous friend!

the coolest thing happened today! brandon and i have this friend named bob, who used to be brandon's manager at work. bob is married to an amazing artist named kim roberti, who, like me, is buddhist.

here's me and kim at a wedding a few years ago. i knew that she was a talented artist, but i never expected to get my dick blick studio catalogue in the mail and find the art of, of all people, kim, someone i know, on the cover! i didn't want to post a picture of the cover because of copyright reasons, but here, on the back of the catalogue, is a snippet about kim:

how cool is that?! i'm so excited for her, and now i definately have something to talk to her about when she and bob attend my wedding in 3 weeks :).

so if you order from dickblick.com and get the catalogues in the mail, now you know who the artist of the 2008-2009 catalogue coverart is!