Thursday, September 11, 2008

nin again!

(a photo i took at the nine inch nails concert i attended in august)

brandon and i thought about it really hard, and we're going to another nine inch nails concert on october 23! ah, my first concert as a married woman ;).

money has been tight around the rogers-griffith household the past few weeks, but this is something that's really important to us, so we're going! this time it's in san antonio, which is only an hour and a half away from us, so we won't need to spend nearly as much money on gas as we did last time. plus, we love san antonio! normally, we go every year for our dating aniversary (october 6), but this year, since we're getting married on the 9th and staying at a nice hotel in austin (the hyatt on town lake), we were going to forego our annual trip to good ol' s.a. now it looks like we'll be there this year, after all! :D.

well i am just way too excited right now, and probably shouldn't be typing, as i'm sure my sentences are half-way incoherent, but i just had to share my happiness!