Monday, September 29, 2008

two questions

well hello, the internet!

i'm currently pondering some changes to my products, and i want your opinion! please take a moment to answer the two polls on the right side of this blog.

question one concerns shiny versus subtle sealer. i have always used a matte finish so that the design on the pendant speaks for itself, but i recently have been testing out a sealer that has a hi-gloss finish and *gasp!* is waterproof! i really like the idea of making my jewelry waterproof, as it makes each piece more durable in general.

question two concerns the method on which my pendants are strung. i currently offer a silver-plated chain upgrade in my shop for $5, but personally, i am starting to prefer the look of the chain to the ribbon altogether. do you think the ribbon is essential to a maoiliosa pendant necklace? or would a maoiliosa pendant on a chain be way more awesome? which would you personally prefer to wear: ribbon or chain?

i'd like to hear what you have to say on these issues! feel free to comment with an explaination of why you voted for your choices :).



LeaKarts said...

I am more of a chain than a ribbon kind of a girl myself :) And I voted for matte, but I like glossy too! I couldn't make up my mind! Whichever you decide will be wonderful, I'm sure, and the waterproof thing is pretty awesome.

Tizzalicious said...

I prefer chain, it's stays nice longer too!

I don't know about matte or glossy, I think they both look good!

WK said...

I can't vote on your polls, because there is no option choice that communicates my personal opinions on the matter: namely, either way would work just fine, on both counts.

I like both matte finishes and hi-gloss for different looks. Matte looks better on some things, glossy is better for others... Being waterproof would be a nice bonus... But if there were a way to perhaps offer both, it might be a good choice, at least for a little while to see what people buy? Although, if you went glossy for the waterproofing, I doubt you'd find many, if any, people whose love for your cuties diminished after the change.

As for the chain.. I think the ribbons are charming. I love silver chains. I have no desire to buy a chain and switch it out on any of the necklaces I've bought for you so far, because the ribbon is such a cute touch... But there are probably lots of people who would. You could possibly sell some necklaces on ribbons, offer the chain upgrade, and list pendants without ribbon or chain, so people can buy a chain and use it interchangeably with any pendants they buy?

Personally, I think both questions are good questions, but both options for each question are good options. I don't think you're going to hurt yourself with any decision you make. Best of luck deciding!! :o)

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Chain is definitely more durable and won't get dirty. Ribbon brings in the element of color and texture. I guess it depends on if the buyer wants to wear it often or for occasional use. Waterproof is important. Sweat, rain or accidentally stepping into the shower could wreck it, if it is not water proof. There are waterproof matte finishes you could look into if you don't want to change your look.

I prefer chain and gloss, but I tend to wear things I like often and want durability;lity.

maoiliosa said...

thanks so much for the feedback, everyone! changes are coming!