Wednesday, October 1, 2008

september summary, october goals

is it really october already?! yes, the internet, it is! and i couldn't be more excited!

i'm getting married in just a few days, college is going well, and my shop is seeing much more success than in previous months!

to recap, here were my goals for september:

  • sell 25 things in my shop and fulfill at least one wholesale reorder
  • reach 560 hearts
  • finish all the wedding planning
  • finish most of my biology class, and be prepared to test out of all my french requirements for college
  • redo all the primary photos in my shop.

i ended the month with 26 sales, so i met my sales goal! i did not reach 560 hearts (ended up at 525), but that's okay. i am (mostly) completely prepared for the big wedding day next thursday, also! and as for the biology and french - i only have to type up a few lab reports and mail them off, then take the final for biology, and i have studied french a lot over the course of the month. out of the 1000 vocabulary study cards i bought, for example, i readily know ~850 of them. the words i'm having the most problems with are adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions. studying my old french textbooks has helped a lot in jogging my memory, too. also, i did redo most of the photos in my shop! overall, i'd say i feel pretty accomplished for september.

looking ahead to october, here are my goals:

  • get married! yay!
  • push myself more with the french thing, and complete biology by mid-month
  • register for 3 more courses
  • complete my sociology (deviance) course
  • sell 35 things in my shop
  • reach 600 hearts
  • redo the rest of my shop photos

also, please take a moment to answer my poll questions (at the top, on the right) if you haven't already. changes are coming, and i value your input!

here's to a fruitful october!



LeaKarts said...

Yay! Great goals for my favorite month of the year :) And a reminder that that's what I need to post today too...

I am so happy for your wedding! I wish I could be there! It's going to be fabulous :)

maoiliosa said...

lea, i SO wish you could be there! you're one of my very best friends *sniff*. i will provide you with ample photos, though, and yay, because with some of the wedding-gift money we got, we're coming to see you! :D

auryndesign said...

Congratulations on your wedding! Wow!! You're doing great - your shop is gorgeous, sales are strong, good for you :)

Happy times rule. Here's to much continued happiness and success.

maoiliosa said...

heather, you are super sweet! thanks so much! :D