Thursday, February 5, 2009

attention all 'maoiliosa' customers!

(me in a custom 'maoiliosa' necklace i made for myself)

have you purchased 'maoiliosa' items in the past? well, i have a fun task for you!

i am currently on the look-out for 'happy customer' pictures! if you love your 'maoiliosa' merch and want to show it off, email your pictures of you wearing/using your necklaces, pocket mirrors, wall scrolls, etc. to me at .

i will be posting the pictures here on my blog once they start coming in.

but you wanna know the best part? because i looooove my customers, i will be thanking every person who submits a picture of themself using my products with a free necklace or pocket mirror! free, including shipping, and the choice of necklace/pocket mirror is yours from what's available in my shop :). (one free item per person)

i'm going to keep this as a running opportunity, so even if you haven't shopped for 'maoiliosa' cuties yet, no worries! the offer will stand for quite some time, at least through july. this offer extends to items made by me but purchased from a venue other than my shop, as well, so all you shanalogic, trendyshoppes, and sweet tempered customers are included, too!

happy photo-taking! the more creative the better! ;D


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