Sunday, February 8, 2009

the first happy customer photos are in!

happy 'maoiliosa' customer (and marvelous friend!) whitney sent me these darling photos of her and her sweetie-pie daughter ceili, and thus, these are the first of the 'happy customer' pictures that i will have the pleasure of showing you!

whitney is wearing the 'crimson petals' pendant necklace, although she was smart and bought it in the (now extinct) 'spring's arrival' gift set (those things were a great deal!). i know it probably seems as though ceili is protesting having her picture taken, but in actuality, she is so excited about her mommy's 'maoiliosa' wear that she is doing the "rocker fist" move. you know, like you do at a badass concert. okay, maybe that's just wishful thinking, but still! ;p

whitney is also wearing the matching earrings (available as 'love in bloom'). whitney, they look so pretty on you! and look at little ceili striking a pose ;).

so like i was saying in my last post, everyone who submits a 'happy customer' photo featuring themself in 'maoiliosa' merch gets a free necklace or pocket mirror of their choice from my shop! yay whitney - happy choosing!

see my previous blog entry for info on submitting your 'happy customer' photos (and of course getting free stuff!) too!


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LeaKarts said...

Those pictures are so cute!