Monday, February 9, 2009

updating my photos

i spent most of the day today redoing most of the photos in my etsy shop. the majority of the pictures i've taken so far aren't in the shop yet, as i still have to resize and edit them, but WOW it feels good to have been so productive today!

i get so many compliments on my rice-and-river-rock photo motif, but i am branching out a bit on some pictures to include different props. above is a silly picture i took of my "rice and rock" set-up :p.

as of right now, my wall scrolls and pocket mirrors have updated photos.

mmm, pile o' mirrors ;D.

i am also slowly listing new washi wall scrolls and rings, so stay tuned to the blog and shop for those!



LeaKarts said...

I have been meaning to do the same think in my supply shop! You are one productive little bee :)

maoiliosa said...

haha, i'm workin on it! ;D