Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lizard life

hi there!

i talk about my leopard geckos on here from time to time, so i thought it might be helpful if i showed you their homes, with them in them, looking cute :).

when people find out we have no dogs or cats, but a handful of lizards, we generally get strange looks. don't get me wrong... we love dogs and cats! if we had the room (read: a suitable yard), we would definately have a dog by now, at least. but i have always had a warm place in my heart for geckos. when i was younger, i would catch the little house geckos that would hang out by the patio lights outside at night and catch them, give them a tiny little kiss, and let them go. i was a strange child :p. okay, it continued into adulthood, don't judge me! ;). i only learned after i had a real pet gecko that you can get salmonella from kissing lizards, so i don't do that anymore (you think i'm so weird right now, don't you?), but i do have a lot of fun watching and caring for my little critters.

that's asuka on the top left. she was a gift to me from brandon, on our first christmas together ♥. the first time i held her, she bit the crap out of me, so i named her 'asuka' after the bitchy anime character on my favourite anime, neon genesis evangelion.

trent is on the top right. he's called trent because he looks mad all the time, and that reminds me of the most dreamy, angsty man alive, trent reznor ♥.

sonny is on the bottom (you can only see his illusive tail in this picture, sticking out of the hole in his rock on the right), and he is an albino leopard gecko. he may not be as pretty and colourful as the other two, but he has a lot of character to him (they all do, actually! they each have their own personality and behaviours), he's very sweet, and he often looks like he's smiling. i call him 'cling peach' because of his colouring and how he grabs onto my thumb when he's in my hand. brandon named him after the character from his favourite movie, the godfather.

sonny had a brother named mike, but he died last fall after being very sick and a terrible mishap at the vet :/.

anyway, those are my little ones! definately not your standard pet, but they're low-maintenance (which is great for me!), silly, and bring joy to my little life :).

see what i mean about personality? asuka's being sneaky in her hidey-hole :p.



LeaKarts said...

Heehee! I love the photo of Asuka in her hidey-hole, so cute! :) I think the story of you kissing lizards and letting them go is adorable!

maoiliosa said...

:D. unforunately, sometimes their little tails would fall off :(. then i felt bad.

WK said...

Aww, I always felt *awful* when lizards' tails fell off when I caught them... :o(

Also, I'm in Austin! Wanna do lunch/coffee/whatever?