Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so much going on!

well hello, my lovely internet friends! i see that it's been almost a full month since i last blogged - inexcuseable! ;)

i have been a busy girl lately, and that is my reason for not keeping in touch. i know i'll probably leave some things out by accident, but here's what happened this month:

  • honeymoon! brandon and i escaped from the texas hillcountry to... another part of the texas hillcountry :p. we made the hour and a half drive from the marble falls area to one of our favourite cities, san antonio and stayed there for nearly a week, spoiling ourselves (hey, we deserved it!) and enjoying spending time with each other. we went to the zoo (pictures to come later), sea world, lots of neat restaurants, the rivercenter mall (which is on the riverwalk... if you've never been, you really should! it's beautiful!), and on our way into town, we even stopped off at a cave for a long and strenuous cave tour. if i haven't mentioned it before, exploring caverns is one of our favourite things to do!

  • the day before our honeymoon, we saw nine inch nails in austin for their final tour.

with my fancy new camera, i was able to get this awesome shot :).

blurry, but me and brandon before nine inch nails. we decided to sit this time, instead of rock out in the moshpit, because we didn't want to be worn out during our honeymoon! we had excellent seats, though, because i got presale tickets (presale people are given the best seats in the house).

  • i'm going to be selling in two new austin venues starting this week. the first is 'beth's book box', a second-hand book shop (which also sells local artists' wares). i've been helping beth out a bit with businessy things lately to help her get everything in order for the store's opening. the second venue, which happened almost by accident, is austin's famous 'capra & cavelli', an upscale men's/women's clothing boutique, which also sells local artist merch. the buyer for the store just happened to be visiting 'sweet tempered', one of my favourite clients, and saw my items. she really liked everything i make, so she asked my friend jenny, the co-owner of 'sweet tempered', for my contact info so she could have me selling at 'capra & cavelli' asap! so starting this weekend (or shortly thereafter), my items will be available at their location inside the hilton, downtown austin! needless to say, my little fingers have been super busy making close to 500 items for these two venues!

  • brandon and i broke down and bought a wii finally! it'll be here in a few days, i'm so excited! we got a wii fit with it, and a few other ultra-cool games, and i can't wait to start having fun!

  • living out in the middle of nowhere makes for a sad social life, so lately, b and i have been working hard at seeing friends more often, whether it's having them out to the house, or us visiting them in austin. my super-great friend whitney was recently in austin for a visit from nevada, so i was grateful to get several days of girl-time in while she was here!

speaking of whitney, her birthday is tomorrow, so i gave her one of my pieces that i thought she would adore. looks like she does ;).

that's 'sakura flourish', and it can be found here if you want one for yourself! also, congrats to whit for closing on her and her husband's first house tomorrow! yay!

  • i've been preparing for my first craft fair, which will be july 4 at an event that my step-father-in-law is organizing here in cottonwood shores. that should be a lot of fun! oh, and speaking of cottonwood, did i mention our road got paved? yessss! so nice to not have to drive on dirt anymore!

  • i've also been preparing for my french examination, wherein i must test out of 16 credit hours of the language. that has to be done by the end of june, so wish me luck! i also only have 4 more college courses left until i graduate!

  • i've mentioned before that my husband and i love going to comedy shows of our favourite comedians. by two strokes of luck, just a few days apart, i was able to get 4th row seats to mike birbiglia (i'm in the future also) at the paramount theatre downtown austin in november (we donate to the theatre, so we get top seats. it pays, people!), and also ::drumroll:: 10th row seats to the one and only dane cook at the toyota center (same place we saw nine inch nails last august) in houston june 20th! so pumped!
  • our geckos are all back to optimum health, yay! their eyes are so big, bright, and happy now, and their tails are getting so fat! i'm so glad all my nursing paid off - i love those little lizards!

  • i think the only other major thing that's going on with me lately has to do with nerf guns :p. brandon and i are about to bust out like huge nerds and participate in this LARP (live action role-play) game called 'aftermath' which takes place monthly (i think?) in dallas. we bought several nerf guns, a bunch of nerf darts, and have been having nerf shoot-outs with each other almost daily, haha. such nerds we are! the next step is to get our costumes together. i'm going to be playing this class nicknamed 'gloomies' (emo, right?), so i got these wicked parachuters' boots (hot!), and i'm about to buy this "vampire" jacket and steampunk top (i'll post pics when i have 'em)... it's kind of hard to describe the look i'm going for, but it'll make more sense to you AND me once i put everything on together, heehee. brandon is modifying our guns and painting them (he's a skilled miniature painter, so this is right up his alley). is it sad that i'm so excited about this? ;p

so yes, i've been very occupied lately with all these goings-on! i'll be sure to update you more often :).

hope you all are busy with adventures and opportunities of your own!



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LeaKarts said...

Oh my goodness how DARE you be so crazy busy!!!! ;p Heehee :) It sounds like you have had a FANTASTIC month--adventures, new buyers, shows... awesomeness. And I love your nerdliness, too. How fun! ♥