Thursday, September 24, 2009

almost a sakurashroom

while cleaning up our yard yesterday to prepare for our realtor to come over (our house is now on the market!), i spotted this little cutie. i am a sucker for mushrooms - i think they're so adorable! i hate the way they taste, though :p. i couldn't help but notice that if it bears a stricking resemblance to a cherry blossom! if only it had one less "petal" ;).

oh, would you please wish me luck on selling our house and getting our new one? i'm extremely nervous about it (i'm a total worry-wart!). we found a house we want near austin, where i grew up, so i hope we're able to snag it in the same timeframe as we sell our current house! keeping my fingers crossed!


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LeaKarts said...

Good luck with your house!!! I'm so glad you're finally making the move!