Wednesday, September 23, 2009

little odd things

i've got this little teak wood box in my bedroom where i keep all kinds of little treasures from throughout the years (do any of you do this?). i came upon it the other day while i was cleaning, and, as i sometimes do, i opened it up to explore its contents.

inside are some of my favourite kinds of stone (obsidian, jasper, aventurine, hematite, carnelian, and citrine mostly), old tea tags (i collect the pretty or cool-looking ones after i drink my tea), some old coins, a tiny gold japanese fan, an origami dragon someone gave me way back in high school, a charm with the virgin mary i once found, and other little things. you might think these things are of no importance, just junk maybe, but to me, each thing in that box represents a memory of something happy. and every time i think to take the box off the shelf, sit down on the bed, and open it up... well, it's like a little treasure chest from my past, and it always makes me smile :).

when i first saw the film 'amelie', one of my favourites, i was surprised to discover that a character in the movie did the same thing. it was kind of neat to realize i'm not the only silly person who collects tiny wonders.

just wanted to share :).



Tizzalicious said...

I do the same, I just can't throw random things out sometimes!

WK said...

I don't have a box, but, for 6 years, I used the back of my bedroom door in a similar manner, taping & gluing up all sorts of little treasures and memories. Now that I no longer live with my parents, I wonder how often my mom silently curses me for doing that... I'm sure she'd have to just replace the whole door if she ever wanted to sell the house! LOL