Sunday, February 21, 2010

introducing: skinny necklaces by maoiliosa

as i suspected, i haven't been able to blog much so far this year, but i have been keeping so busy! my number of sales per month didn't go down after the holidays (!), so i've been packing up orders and making replacement items just as quickly as i can.

i've also been making new items. i'm proud to introduce my first run of skinny necklaces! these sweets can be found in the necklace section of my etsy shop and are $13 (on a chain, too!) the designs measure .5" x 1", so very skinny and cute!

here are a few:


'cotton candy'

'koi on blue'

'chococherry malt'


there will also be skinny earrings and some new magnet and bobby pin styles listed in the shop over the course of this coming week.

in addition to making new items and packing up orders, i've also made a new maoiliosa catalogue for my spring line. now, when stores want to buy wholesale from me, i can simply mail them a hard copy, email them a pdf copy, or drop by with a bound copy! i spent a lot of time on it and i'm very pleased with how it turned out. if you're interested in having a copy for yourself or your business, feel free to email me at

last but not least, i got a job at a floral shop that will be opening up near my house. i will be managing the store when the owner isn't present, making floral arrangements, etc., and my maoiliosa items will also be for sale there. i'm excited!

so that's a pretty sizeable update for you ;). i'll of course keep you posted on all the other new merch that will be making its way into my shop soon!



Vintage and Cake said...

wow I love the cotton candy necklace they are really cute.

maoiliosa said...

awww thanks so much for saying so!

PinkLizzy for missIsa said...

So much gorgeousness!

I love koi on blue the best.

PinkLizzy for missIsa said...

I love them!

I think my favourite is koi on blue

maoiliosa said...

thank you! i like the koi one a lot as well :).

Steve said...

Very unique and interesting looking pendants. Liked the print design on it.

Found similar looking pendants at