Sunday, February 21, 2010

maoiliosa catalogue and some other things

i thought you might like a glimpse of what my new catalogue looks like, so here it is:

this page shows some of the new skinny earrings that will be available in my etsy shop soon!

and my newest kabuku piece, 'denim swallow', now available in my necklace section.

and one more thing:

i found these adorable little bowls (they're only about 3" long!) at the container store this weekend and just had to buy them! the best part is i can make an icecream treat in them and have just enough that it's satisfying without eating too much, because let's face it - when you've got a normal-sized bowl of icecream in front of you, you've got to eat it all, right? ;)



Tizzalicious said...

It looks great! It makes me think I should make a catalogue of some sort some time too!

truckerbananapants said...

That's a cool bowl. And yes must eat icecream intact I have to find some now. Lol

Adelaide said...

I love the necklace and the ice cream of course, such a cool looking bowl.