Tuesday, December 27, 2011

whew! where has the time gone?!

hi everyone!

yes, i am still alive (hah!), and i have survived my first really, really big holiday season since opening my shop in 2008!

there really is no excuse for my long absence from my blog... time just has gotten away with me.  i've been keeping insanely busy selling at fairs, making merch, and packing orders.  in fact, early this month i hit a milestone:  10,000 pencils made by my own little hands :).  i think now i'm floating somewhere around 10,700, even!  crazy!  but i am still loving it, of course.

i guess this post isn't terribly interesting, but i did want to take a moment and thank you SO much for all your support this year and every year - maoiliosa loves you :).

i have so many new things planned for 2012, so please do keep in touch.  i can tell you right now that full-sized pencils are coming, as well as a new line of home decor items (secret for now ;D) and, of course, brand new patterns in your favourite items:  mini pencils, pendants, bangles, and more!

happy new year, all!


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